We had to change a plan regarding terrain; both stages will take place in Tramuntana forest, but one of them will be over 70% in newly mapped area in the north of the old map.

Description of Tramuntana area. It is rather unusual to find an open forest vegetation type on any Adriatic island, as predominant vegetation on islands is either hardly crossable mediterranean bush or open grassland or very stony surfaces. In northern Cres, however, vegetation is different – in great part it consists of very old oak trees. There are also many open parts as well as some rough open surfaces grazed by sheep. Contours are varying from gently undulating slopes to some steeper sections. There are many artificial forms from bauxite mining. It is very interesting that some parts of this terrain are completely stone free. Other parts, on the other hand, are rocky to extremely rocky.

Below are some pictures straight from terrain as well as a map sample: